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Another Sphinx Head Discovered From ‘The Ten Commandments’

By Pat Saperstein, Deputy Editor, Variety It’s not ancient history, but the Egyptian-style artifacts from Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments” continue to be unearthed in the Guadalupe-Nipomo sand dunes on the central California coast. The most recent discovery is an intact 300 lb. plaster sphinx head, which was unearthed in early November by archaeologists excavating the […]

The Truth About the 1950 Screen Directors Guild Meeting

Kevin Brianton, Ph.D. La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia Author of Hollywood Divided: The 1950 Screen Directors Guild Meeting and the Impact of the Blacklist The University Press of Kentucky, 2016 Cecil B. DeMille’s role at the Screen Directors Guild (SDG) meeting on 22 October 1950 has been a controversial one for the director. In the Red […]