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We credit the individuals, institutions, organizations, and companies who helped us continue the work of our book Cecil B. DeMille: The Art of the Hollywood Epic (2014, Running Press-Perseus).

The Bison Archives: Marc Wanamaker

The Cinematic Arts Library at the University of Southern California: Ned Comstock, Senior Library Assistant; Sandra Garcia-Myers, Director of the Archives of the Cinematic Arts; and Steve Hanson, Head Cinematic Arts Librarian.

George Eastman House: Nancy Kauffman, Archivist of Stills, Posters and Paper Collections in the Moving Image Department

Greenbriar Picture Shows: John McElwee

The Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University: James V. D’Arc, Curator.

The Institute of the American Musical: Miles Kreuger

The Kobal Collection at Art Resource: Jamie Vuignier

The Margaret Herrick Library in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: Matt Severson, Photographic Services Administrator; Michael Tyler, Digital Imaging Specialist; and Linda Harris Mehr, Director.

The Mary Pickford Foundation: Elaina Archer, Director of Archive and Legacy

Photoplay Productions: Kevin Brownlow

The Museum of Performance and Design in San Francisco: Kirsten Tanaka, Head Librarian and Archivist, the Performing Arts Library

The Windham Archives: Roy Windham

We thank the scholars and collectors who contributed images: the late Ben S. Carbonetto, Matías A. Bombal, Rob Brooks, Alfred B. Chico, David Chierichetti, Betty Lasky, Rob McKay, Lisa Mitchell, Katherine Orrison, Nancy Pearce, Mark Santamaria, Sue Slutzky, Lou Valentino, and Mrs. Shirley Whitmore.

We thank the DeMille scholars who helped us write a revisionist production history of The Squaw Man: James V. D’Arc at Brigham Young University; Kurt Cox at Western Costume; Richard Adkins of Hollywood Heritage; Robert S. Birchard at the American Film Institute; Betty Lasky; and Michael Greco.

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