Foreign Awards

  • Brazilian Association of Motion Picture Critics, a scroll in “Homage . . . for his good service to the cinema the world over.”
  • Cuban Federation of Cinema and Theatrical Editors, 1952
  • French Legion of Honor, the Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, “not only for his friendly contributions to Franco-American friendship but also for the great good his pictures have brought to the world.”
  • German League of Human Rights, an honorary document declaring: “This production The Ten Commandments, the masterwork of our honorary member, Mr. Cecil B. DeMille, furthers in an impressive manner the concept of human rights.”
  • Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association, the award for Best Director of 1952, The Greatest Show on Earth
  • Italian Republic, the Order of Merit Citation and Medal
  • Order of Orange-Nassau from Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, 1944