Silent Feature: The Unafraid


Studio: Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company
Released: April 1, 1915

Featured Cast: Rita Jolivet, House Peters

Producer: Jesse L. Lasky
Director: Cecil B. DeMille
Screenwriter: William C. de Mille
Source: the Eleanor M. Ingram novel
Art director: Wilfred Buckland
Cinematographer: Alvin Wyckoff


When an American heiress is kidnapped during a trip to Montenegro, she finds sympathy for her captor.


“In picturizing a play or adapting a novel, the Lasky company is almost certain of logic, sequence, and—wherein lies the real art—drama. For it has Cecil DeMille, who is more than a director. He is a film architect.”

– The New York Dramatic Mirror, April 7, 1915


The Unafraid cost $14,226. 50 and grossed $63,944.02.
(These figures have not been adjusted for inflation nor do they include the considerable profits realized from reissues, television syndication, and home entertainment formats.)