Silent Feature: Kindling


Studio: Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company
Released: July 12, 1915

Featured Cast: Charlotte Walker, Thomas Meighan, Raymond Hatton

Producer: Jesse L. Lasky
Director: Cecil B. DeMille
Screenwriter: Cecil B. DeMille
Source: the Charles Kenyon play
Art director: Wilfred Buckland
Cinematographer: Alvin Wyckoff


A young couple must learn to cope with a life of poverty in America.

Production Quotes

“The next Lasky offering, on July 15, will be the initial photo-dramatic stellar engagement of Charlotte Walker, who will play the star role in a version of the problem drama Kindling.”

– “Lasky Will Increase Output in Warm Weather,” Motion Picture News, Vol. 11, No. 22 (June 5, 1915)


“The story of Kindling is extremely morbid. One scene in the early part should be eliminated, for while adding naught to the artistic value, it is revolting. It shows two children of the tenements fighting like groveling scavengers over the carrion contents of a can of refuse in front of one of the Hell’s Kitchen hovels that are termed homes. This scene is so strong that it is enough to cause one to become ill in viewing it.”

– “Fred,” Variety, July 16, 1915


Kindling cost $10,039.52 and grossed $66,036.42.
(These figures have not been adjusted for inflation nor do they include the considerable profits realized from reissues, television syndication, and home entertainment formats.)